Cory Callen

callen_coryCallen’s Essentials is me! Cory Callen. I am an advocate for healthy living. I believe everyone should be able to live a healthy natural life. Have you recently gone to the doctor and they said “You need to start making healthier choices”. If you like so many others are now more confused than ever. You have found the right place. I have the answers that they did not give you.

I have been living a healthy lifestyle for only 5 years. Kind of healthy-err for 5 years before that. I now live 100% Paleo 80% of the time.  I use essential oils in my daily life. These are taken internally and topically, learn more by scheduling with me. My supplement regimes and essential oil applications will help you master your life.

I owe my healthy lifestyle to my loving wife Dr Betty Callen D.C. She has great resources at her site

Callen’s Essentials is an educational center.  I am dedicated to teaching proper nutrition, healthful diet (including cleanse & restore programs for the gut) and positive living habits using essential oils.  Come and join one of my wellness workshops on essential oils and other topics providing health and healing information.

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