There’s another way

There is always another way. Do you feel sick, sluggish can’t stop drinking energy drinks? Been told you have to have this surgery “there’s no other way”. Here take this pill it will make it go away. That is because that is all they know. Should you only believe someone because they have a degree? What if they were trained to tell you what they tell you. You go to a surgeon. They have spent the last 10+ years performing surgery. You present your problem to them. Do you think they don’t want to cut you open and fix it? If you go to a chiropractor, they as well will use their knowledge to heal you with what they have been taught. I guess what I am trying to say is you follow the health model you want to follow.

Me, I am following a Chiropractic structure dictates your function, paleo nutrition is what a lifestyle should be, essential oils heal me physically, mentally and emotionally kind of path. Choose your path wisely.

Go to the hospital and see what kind of people go there. Go to a nursing home and see what sent them there. Look at our parents and decide if that is how we want to age. It’s not all genetic. Let’s seek the knowledge of the lifestyle we want.